Nick & Nora

Meet Nick and Nora! That's Nick resting his chin on Nora. He does that every night, and she loves him so much, she doesn't mind.

Nora, the adorably petite Dwarf mix with blue-gray fur and a round little body, has a friendly, confident and cheerful disposition. Unlike most bunnies, Nora enjoys cuddles and will fall fast asleep on your chest, purring with her teeth and giving you kisses. Her husbun Nick is a gorgeous Rex-Lop bunny with velveteen fur and big goofy "helicopter ears." Nick has a sweet and goofy side. A sensitive soul, he also has a flair for the dramatics and reacts to any annoyances with a "humph" sound and a thump. Nick enjoys head rubs, food, and playtime - during which he shows off how high he can hop in the air. He is the perfect bunny friend to his beloved rabbit wife.

Nick (M), ~ 7 years old, 7 lbs.
Nora (F), ~ 7 years old, 4 lbs
Special needs (ask us for more info)

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