Update: Nijinska has been adopted pending bonding with another bunny. In the meantime, we're still accepting applications for her, in case it doesn't work out. Or you may want to consider some of our other beautiful Lop rabbits. We also typically have a few not up on the website yet (if they're still recovering from neuter surgery, for example).

Introducing beautiful lady Lop Nijinska!
Pavlova and Nijinska, otherwise known as the Ballerina Sisters, are lovely Lop ladies who would love a forever home sooner rather than later, as their human cannot take care of them much longer. They're not safe together, so we're trying to find each of them a home with a husbun.
They were abandoned outside at a school, where they were in danger of RHDV2, predators, and other hazards. Luckily, their current foster mom jumped into action and got them spayed and vaccinated at her expense $$$$$! She's older and physically barely able to care for them, and has surgery pending! So we're hoping that these rabbits get adopted soon!

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