Peppermint misses her husbun Buddha terribly. Here they are enjoying a salad together:
She's a shy, yet beautiful girl with dark blue-grey spots. We hope she's able to experience bunny love again one day soon. Do you have an easygoing rabbit who might like a friend?

Patty does love her food! She has had one minor episode of bladder sludge, which is why we are listing her as "special needs." So far, since leaving the public animal shelter and getting it cleared up, it has not come back. It could have been primarily from lack of exercise in the shelter. She'll do great on lots of grass hays and limit pellets to a tablespoon or two a day. Luckily, she eats lots of hay and leafy greens! Her most recent vet check was on June 17, 2021 and she was pronounced healthy with clear xrays. Adopt Me