Pillow got her name from being a round and exceptionally soft bunny. Originally from the South Bay, she made her way North and now seeks a forever home in Los Angeles. She loves being petted as much as you’ll love petting her. Update 2021: Pillow developed little points on some of her back teeth and needed them trimmed down. They are not bad, so far (just one trim in Dec. 2020 and one in May 2021), but we are listing her as "special needs" because she will have to get those filed by a veterinarian, or they will cut into her mouth and she won't be able to eat. It's very common for rabbits to develop back tooth problems as they age. That is one of the reasons why we tell everyone that rabbits are not "low-maintenance" or "low cost" pets.

Pillow's foster mom is taking exceptionally good care of her and making sure she stays a healthy weight, weighing her once a week.

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