5 Reasons to Neuter Your Bunny

  1. Overpopulation
    Rabbits are the third most commonly impounded and killed animal in shelters across the U.S. Even more rabbits are
    abandoned outside, where they suffer a cruel death.
  2. Health
    Unspayed female rabbits have a greater than 50% probability of developing cancer. A well-behaved, neutered rabbit is more
    likely to be kept safe indoors. Indoor rabbits have a longer lifespan than rabbits kept outdoors.
  3. Behavior
    Before neuter, rabbits may spray urine, refuse to use a litter box, and engage in territorial behavior such as boxing or biting.
    Unspayed females may have “false pregnancies,” whimper, gather hay and pull out their hair to make a nest. These can go on
    and on... longer than a real pregnancy!
    Unneutered males often engage in non-stop mounting behavior. Unaltered rabbits are more likely to fight and injure or kill other rabbits.
    After neuter, almost all rabbits will stop spraying and learn to use a litter box.
  4. Companionship
    Domestic rabbits are social animals and form lifelong bonds. Nothing provides better company to a rabbit than another neutered rabbit. Neutered rabbits also tend to form a more civil relationship with humans and other animals in the home.
  5. Happiness
    Litter box-trained rabbits are given more freedom in the home; more space makes for a happier bunny. Freed from the frustration of surging hormones, the neutered rabbit can enjoy a calm life with a rabbit friend.