Zaurie & Jojo

Jojo has been bonded to Zaurie and they are now thick as thieves and constantly by one another's side. Jojo was the Boss Rabbit in the herd we rescued from the Mar Vista back yard, and feels he doesn't have to answer to anyone! Now that he's with Zaurie, he's completely in love and has lost some of his tough guy vibe. People, he can take or leave; he's not that afraid of us.

Zaurie, on the other hand, doesn't trust humans at all. You'll have to convince her.

No matter what, these bunnies support and care for one another. We love them and are sure you will, too. They are good house bunnies and stay out of trouble.

Bunny Bondability: EASY Age: Middle
All our rabbits are neutered, currently vaccinated for RHDV2, and microchipped

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