Sugarbun & Spicebun

Sugarbun (the more golden rabbit on the left) and her husbun Spice have learned confidence after a long struggle to survive in a Mar Vista backyard. Sugarbun had to have an operation to remove an infection from her throat and jaw area--scary!--but is doing great and back to eating normally now. She tends to be more withdrawn, while Spicebun actively engages in life and is way more bold than most of the other rabbits from that awful situation. We would like them to go to a long-term sanctuary home or an adopter who already has experience treating rabbits for jaw-bone abscesses, in case the infection comes back. These two handsome Cinnamon rabbits are good house bunnies and grateful for every bit of love and food they get.

Available for long-term foster or adoption to an experienced rabbit caretaker.
Bunny Bondability: Unknown, but they have each other Age: Middle
All our rabbits are neutered, currently vaccinated for RHDV2, and microchipped

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